Chancel Guild Appeal for New Members

"Fellow members of St. Peter's, most of you know at least one of us. You may have seen us last Sunday (October 26th) at our Commissioning Service.

We'd like you all to know we are split into 4 teams. Team members work together and cover for one another when travel plans or health or driving concerns keep someone away.

Generally we average 4 hours per month to prepare the church for worship.There are always teachers and a manual available. You never work alone.

Is there anyone who will give us about 4 hours each month? We'd be happy with one volunteer, joyous with two and greatly blessed with three or more.

God is calling, He knows Your name. We'd like to know your name too.

Please contact Canon Judy or Jane Vermeer at the Church."

Chancel Guild Seeks New Members

The St. Peter's Chancel Guild is looking for new members. To quote Carol Fisher, our recently-retired Chancel Guild Co-ordinator,

"We're few in numbers and many members are getting old. It's my prayer that some younger women will step forward with an interest in learning what we do. I can't begin to thank those who have chosen to leave the group for whatever reasons".

While the membership of the Chancel Guild in the past has been mainly women, men are most welcome, as well. If you have an interest in this vital ministry at St. Peter's, please contact the Church Office, or Jane Vermeer, our current Co-ordinator.

To learn more about the Chancel Guild, and what it does in the church, please keep reading this page. THANK YOU!

photo of flowers in Chancel Guild

The Chancel Guild undertakes a wide range of duties in preparation for services in the church and chapel. These include maintaining and preparing linens, brass and silver ware, communion vessels and their contents, etc. They also obtain and arrange floral decorations.

Orientation to Purpose & Function of the Chancel Guild

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Chancel Guild News

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- It is a holy service to our Lord God directed through the Priest-in-Charge as interpreted by the Diocesan rubric.

- To be asked to serve as a member of the Guild is an honour and a unique opportunity to serve God and His Church.

- The appointment as a Chancel Guild member is made by the Priest-in-Charge with care and consideration of the work to be done.

Members of the Guild should by regular attendance in Church demonstrate loyalty to the work of the Church, Priest & Guild. As an added benefit of serving God in the preparation for our Eucharistic celebrations, we hear members speak of the benefits that they receive while doing this job. We hear and feel "it is a worshipful thing, that it brings us closer to God as we work beautifying the Altar area while contemplating and meditating in the quiet of the the church. That we enjoy it the most of all the things we do in the church and appreciating there is no pressure to raise funds or meet more social commitments".

Please note: We have a specific teaching programme and will welcome any who feel the desire to try this duty/responsibility.

Chancel Guild work demands time, discipline and a regular commitment. It is required of each Chancel Guild member that they be reverent in the Church at all times, especially in the performance of their duties and are prepared to work as a team, helping fellow members as requested and required. Many of the articles in use have been donated in memory of loved ones. We have duty of care to respect and treasure all Elements, Goods and Fabrics, many of which are historic, valuable and irreplaceable.

Part of the discipline is the 'keeping of silence' when working in the Sanctuary and Sacristy. Each member is expected to learn all aspects of the work involved and perform her duties as assigned by the group leader.

As a Guild we are assigned and divided into 'Weeks' following the Anglican Church Calendar and Priestly direction for correct 'Colours' and Services. Regular duties require attendance on your 'Week' to clean and prepare the Chancel area, Brass, Flowers, Linens etc. The 'Week' on duty is also responsible to attend and prepare for any other Services e.g. Tuesday 7.30am and Thursday 10.00am, Sunday Chapel service 10.30am, Funerals, Weddings and Sacramental Events.

In the Sacristy there is a Manual which specifies preparatory works required and each member is expected to maintain her own notes of minor changes or directions.

We meet as a group several times each year to make special preparations and cleanings for major Festivals such as Harvest and Christmas.

Jane Vermeer,
Associate SSJD,
Chancel Guild Co-ordinator


Carol Fisher Retires as Chair of the Chancel Guild

After many years of faithful service to St. Peter's as the Chair of the Chancel Guild, Carol Fisher announced that she will be stepping down from the Chair position, effective July 01, 2014. This was first made public in the Palm Sunday, 2014 edition of Keynotes:

"She ran Cancel Guild with dedication and distinction"

"For the past 50 years or so, probably the most commonly seen lay person around the church has been Carol Fisher. It was a distinction she shared with her husband Stan until his death last year, and before that, with her father Claire Wakelin both of whom helped so much with the maintenance of the church. Carol has now resigned from chairing the Chancel Guild which makes preparation for every service in the church and chapel. It's a task she performed with great dedication and distinction for so long. St. Peter's owes Carol a great debt of gratitude."

Jim Weller

"Resigning after 50 years on job!"

"This may be my final report on the Chancel Guild as I have resigned as Chair of the Guild effective July. Pastor Judy accepted my decision with grace and understanding. After about 50 years on the Guild and many as Chair, I felt it time someone else took over.

It's been very rewarding and I've enjoyed every moment of it. I've worked with some wonderful women who supported me and my decisions with hardly a murmur of complaint. Many have gone on to their great reward and I remember them with fondness. We're few in numbers and many members are getting old. It's my prayer that some younger women will step forward with an interest in learning what we do. I can't begin to thank those who have chosen to leave the group for whatever reasons.

I intend to remain a member of the Guild working with Week 3 as I have for a long time, so I won't lose touch and will help when needed.

I welcome back Jane Vermeer with her profound knowledge. She'll be working with one of the 'weeks'. I also wish to thank all the current members for their support and co-operation.

If anyone is interested in joining us, please speak with me or Pastor Judy."

Carol Fisher

Here is Carol's announcement as it was published in the June, 2014 edition of Keynotes:

"Just a reminder that I'll be retiring as Chair of the Chancel Guild on July 1st. A new Chair has yet to be appointed, so in the interim Jane Vermeer has graciously agreed to take on the position pro tem. After July 1 any inquiries or information concerning the Guild should be directed to Jane via the Church office.

Thank you.

I take this opportunity to wish all of my friends at St. Peter's a peaceful and restful summer.
Carol Fisher

A tea was held at the Rectory on June 27th in Carol's honour to wish her well and to give her a good send-off:

Members of the Chancel Guild and Pastor Judy celebrate with Carol