Mary and Martha

A wide variety of events held at St. Peter’s are faithfully catered by the Mary Martha Group of the ACW.

Mary and Martha Group Honoured

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Over the past 50 years the Mary and Martha group of St. Peter's ladies have probably catered, cooked and served over 500 dinners for the St. Peter's Men's group (Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen and now the Men's Club or St. Peter's Men's Christian Fellowship). In the process they earned several thousand dollars for the church. They recently retired from this activity and were honoured at a recent Men's dinner at which they, themselves, were served.

At the dinner, thanks to the group were given by Rod Baker and Art Joynt, both of whom have enjoyed the work of the group for very many years. Karen Peters responded on behalf of the ladies, each of whom was presented with a pewter ornament of St. Peter's.