Mzuzu aids orphan

We support projects that provide the feeding, health care, education and poverty reduction of 250 AIDS orphans in the parish of St. Mark's, Mzuzu, in the Republic of Malawi.

Mzuzu orphans

When you give, don't think of it as charity.
Think of it as saving a child.

Scarves for the Mothers' Union

Colin Turnpenney, the chair of St. Peter's Mzuzu Team, will be going to Mzuzu early in September, 2014.

We have tried to send small, easy-to-transport gifts each visit. This time, we would like to send scarves for the members of the Mothers' Union, the dedicated women who, week by week, shop, prepare, cook, and serve the Saturday meal to our 250 children. These women also keep a watchful eye on the children and report issues to Father Chifisi. They are our eyes and ears.

If you have one or more light-weight scarves that you no longer wear, we would be thrilled to send them to these wonderful women. These scarves could be brought to St. Peter's and left at the office any morning, or brought to church on Sunday. There will be a box at the office, and another in the church. Scarves could also be dropped off at the home of Heather Godfrey (please contact the church at 905-372-3442 for the address).

We will need to receive all donation items by Labour Day, Monday September 1.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and donation, and for all of your efforts to make this outreach a meaningful and successful mission for our church and our partner-church in Mzuzu.

August, 2014

Mzuzu Gift From St. John's ACW

At a recent meeting of the Mzuzu Aids Orphan Committee, Diane Fraser and Joan Fraser, representing the St. John's Port Hope Anglican Church Women Mission Trinity Group, presented a cheque in the amount of $1,000.00 to be used for the Mzuzu Education program. Thank you so much to them for this kind and generous donation to the St. Peter's Orphan Care program.

June, 2014


We are deeply saddened to inform you that James Mtafu, our program coordinator at St. Mark's in Mzuzu, Malawi, died on February 9, 2014. He was 57 years of age.

James was a deeply spiritual man, totally committed to our orphan care program, who supported our initiatives and supervised all aspects of this outreach.

We want to reassure our donors that the program is not in any danger of being phased out or closing but we are in a transition period. Father Chifisi and his Orphan Care Committee will supervise the program and report to us on a regular basis until interviews are held and a new coordinator is hired.

We honour and praise James, our trusted, hard-working, coordinator, our friend. May God grant him peace and everlasting joy.
February, 2014

Greetings and Thank You from Mzuzu

We received our last regular report from James Mtafu, our former Program Coordinator at St. Mark's in Mzuzu, at Advent, 2013:

"Advent greetings to all members of the MAOCP and all parishioners at St. Peter`s Parish. I hope that you are all doing fine while busy looking forward to celebrate the birth of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is not very far from now, therefore we need to prepare for Him to be born in our hearts.  Here at the MAOCP we shall be together with our 250 children on 24th December when Christmas gifts shall be given to them.

Malawi is currently undergoing many economic challenges. Inflation has gone up and we are finding difficulties in purchasing commodities to keep ourselves living. It is our prayer all over the country that God should intervene. Otherwise we shall hardly survive. But this doesn't take away our trust in God. He is the provider, redeemer, helper and creator of human nature.

God bless each of you.

During the whole of last week some activities were done in the MAOCP as follows:

1.  Feeding Program - Indeed it was a nice one for it was well prepared by our loving volunteers and MU members. We had an attendance of 245 orphans and 25 adults who came to eat on Saturday. Neither a child nor guardian went home complaining that had not eaten enough food for the day.   We were very much blessed with good weather which made all these children come and witnessed the feeding program. With the breakfast we are very much privileged to satisfy the needs of our children.

2.  Healthcare Program - Oh, God was very much merciful during the whole last week. We had no any report of sickness amongst our healthy beautiful children. It is therefore my sincere hope that we are all going to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in a special way.

3.  Education Program - Schools have closed for the second term which will open on 6th January, 2014. I had with me some students who were given some hints on how best they can spend their holiday in terms of studies. I also gave some money for IDs and examination fees for those who are sitting for JCE and MSCE exams in 2014.

4.  Training Programs - We witnessed massive trainings in all training sectors. Children did very commendable trainings."

Operation Mzuzu

From 1991-1999 the town of Cobourg was 'twinned' with the City of Mzuzu in Malawi, Central Africa -- one of the world's poorest regions also beset by starvation and AIDS on a large scale. Arising from that, St. Peter's became 'twinned' with St. Mark's Anglican church, Mzuzu, and has engaged in on-going exchanges of various types, including contributing towards building a community centre next to St. Mark's.

Last Saturday when the children were fed they received new blankets for the coming winter season. This is important because it does get cold at night and most children sleep on the mud floor of their huts. Thank you.

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