St. Peter’s has been a major player in the development and operation of NeighbourLink. Currently, it is one of fourteen local churches of eleven different denominations celebrating a significant development in the 14-year life of this interdenominational network that helps them to help people meet many kinds of need.

NeighbourLink News

Our Church is a NeighbourLink member church. Neighbourlink helps in many ways. During the past summer requests for food and food vouchers have continued as well as the usual need for rides to doctors' appointments and elsewhere.

In particular:

One Volunteer gave us 10 hours of his time to drive a patient to Peterborough to undergo an operation and then returned the patient safely home at 1:15am. That's some volunteering!

Another Church Volunteer is always busy but in July did even more than usual by shopping, listening, cleaning, giving financial aid, and giving lifts - a wonderful gift of time.

To offer help or to receive help please call Neighbourlink at 905-373-1558.

Photos of each church in NeighbourLink-Northumberland

Currently, the membership of NeighbourLink Northumberland stands at 15 churches of eleven different denominations, mostly in the Cobourg-Port Hope area. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the organization.

The organization evaluates the calls for help to ensure they are genuine and manageable. It also trains and coordinates volunteers from its member churches in meeting a wide variety of needs in an efficient and effective manner. Since its formation in 1993 it has met many thousands of requests for help. It also works closely with various agencies throughout the County to ensure there is no duplication of effort and resources.

For more information about NeighbourLink Northumberland call 905 373 1558 or send an E-mail to

How NeighbourLink-Northumberland Works

When someone in need calls NeighbourLink for help, trained volunteers first evaluate the request. These volunteers determine that the need is genuine and the solution manageable and appropriate for handling by the NeighbourLink system.

The request is then passed to a designated contact at one of the sponsoring churches who, in turn, finds from his/her congregation an appropriate volunteer(s) to service the request. (Since we carefully avoid duplicating the activities of other organizations some requests are merely passed on to an existing agency).

Upon completion of a request NeighbourLink does a follow-up with the church contact person to find out how it all went.

Some Examples of What We Do

Through our member churches we provide:

  • - phone calls or visits to the lonely
  • - transportation where appropriate
  • - help to students in local schools
  • - assistance in finding referral agencies
  • - “Soupertime” lunches at two of our member-churches
  • - toiletries such as diapers, toothpaste, feminine needs, soap, powder, etc.
  • - staffing for breakfast clubs for hungry children at local schools
  • - food vouchers to people in severe financial need
  • - milk and meat for families with children (funded by County)
  • - milk and meat for couples and singles
  • - light home repairs
  • - help in cooperation with service clubs
  • - help to move household items

We Do Not

  • - hand out money
  • - pay utility bills
  • - pay moving costs
  • - undertake requests that would put our volunteers at risk
  • - disclose our office location
  • - duplicate the work of existing agencies

NeighbourLink News

Our Church is a NeighbourLink member church. Neighbourlink helps in many ways.  For example, in the last little while:

  • - We assisted one person in acquiring a pair of orthopedic shoes and another a new uniform.
  • - We provided a ride to the Food Bank for a man with disabilities, the first time he had been there. He was most grateful to everyone.
  • - Could we help a young family settle into their new apartment - fridge and stove needed? A little talking and checking confirmed that these two utilities are, in fact, included. A big sigh of relief!
  • - Each month one of our member churches puts together 25 delicious, nutritious Meals-in-a-Bag which are distributed by another member church, the Salvation Army.


Neighbourlink only receives requests by telephone at 905-373-1558.  The office is staffed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to noon.

At other times requests are received on an answering machine and handled on the next working day.

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