REVERSE ADVENT CALENDAR Advent begins Sunday November 29

Below is a list of 24 food items, one for each day of Advent. Rather than opening an advent calendar window and eating a candy, the idea is to add an item of food to a box and then donate it where needed.

If donating 24 food items is too much, perhaps you could add a few of these items to your shopping list and donate them to our Thursday Night Light (TNL) program.

TNL will make sure that the food items go where they are needed. Here are some ideas. You can also be creative. All donations, gratefully received.

Questions contact Nancy Marshall or phone 905 375-3195


Peanut butter

Box of potatoes

Macaroni and Cheese

Can fruit
Can tomatoes

Can tuna

Can green beans

Spaghetti sauce

Chicken noodle soup

Tomato soup

Package of jello or pudding

Can beef stew
Pork and beans

Package of rice

Package of oats

Canned corn
Can green beans

Juice drink Shampoo