Gradual Re-Opening of St. Peter’s Church

The Re-Opening Committee (ROC), Nancy Marshall, Helen Notter and Karen Li, have been working hard to examine and implement the Diocese of Toronto’s Amber Guidelines. We want to keep you updated about what is happening at St. Peter’s.

For your information –

The Church office will be open with restricted hours (9am – 12 pm) on Mondays – Thursdays, beginning on Monday 21 September.

The Church doors are being kept locked. If you need to speak or need help from the office, please telephone.

All who enter the church MUST wear a mask and sign the contact tracing form located on the podium in the entrance hallway.

The Pre School passed their Public Health and Ministry Inspections and is starting on Monday 21 September with fewer children.

Thursday Night Light has been working since the lockdown was started. Bagged dinners are being handed out at the north doors. No guests are allowed into the building. This will continue.

St. Peter’s Soupertime will begin on Tuesday October 6th. Bagged lunches will be handed out at the north doors. No guests are allowed into the building.

All Church and Ministry Committee meetings are continuing using Zoom.

No outside groups are using the building apart from AA. They have strict protocols to follow.

Our new Custodians, Rick and Denise have been fully trained with all the protocols from the Public Health Department and will be sanitizing all areas that are used.

A Zoom Question and Answer session is being planned for next week. Watch for a notice from the office. Join ROC to find out what is actually happening inside St. Peter’s to make it ready for worship.

We are keeping our church as safe as possible for when we start to attend our Church services.

Nancy, Helen & Karen