Hello Everyone,

I am tremendously humbled and grateful by the generosity, care, support, and love from everyone this last weekend. I would like to say a special thanks to everyone who worked so hard and helped in the service:

Bishop: The Right Reverend Riscylla Shaw
Liturgical Officer: The Reverend Canon Gloria Master Deacon: The Reverend Sheila Archer

Preacher: The Reverend Canon Richard Miller


Rachelle Simon (On behalf of Will’s Family)
The Venerable Kyn Barker (On behalf of the Diocese)
The Reverend Sheila Archer (On behalf of the Order of Deacons)
The Reverend Canon Richard Miller (On behalf of St. Peter’s, Cobourg) Jan Stapleton, ODT (On behalf of St. Peter’s, Cobourg)
The Reverend Captain Greg Bailey (On behalf of the Spirit)
Fran Richardson (On behalf of Education for Ministry – EFM)

Psalmist: The Reverend Barbara Russell
Readers: Fran Richardson & Shane Watson, ODT
Litanist: Suzanne Lawson, ODT
Pianist: Dr. Roseanne Kydd
Soloist: Ria Simon with Alex Simon
Sides People: Doug Beauchamp & Rick Stinson with David & Susan Winfrow in spirit

I am very thankful to each of you for all your thoughts, gifts, prayers, and congratulations. As I stated before, I hope each of you understand how important, how valued, and how loved you are by me but most importantly, God, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I hope that you understand, how special a day I had because of each of you, that were with me in person, online or with me in the spirit of the

living Christ.

I had hoped that the whole service would not have any technology difficulties, and as some of you know that was not the case. I also lost most of the recording when the internet crashed.

Thankfully, I have a few photos I would like to share with each of you, with special thanks to Doug Beauchamp and Rachelle’s Uncle Jim. I also wish to share with you some of the words the Rev. Canon Ric Miller used in his homily. For me they summarize the way I feel about each of our call in Christ to serve and support each other.

“Well Will, I need to tell you that, just as surely as was Isaiah, you too are unworthy. For that matter, so am I. So is Bishop Shaw. So are those fine folk over there in Holy Orders. So are all these wonderful people who have gathered here today in love to support you at this threshold shaking time in your life. Truth is, in the face of God we

are all unworthy. And yet, God still calls out, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’ It is kind of intriguing don’t you think that God, in all God’s glory, wonder and power doesn’t just send. God doesn’t just give commands. God invites us by asking – “Whom shall I send?””

“Remember, as all of us should also remember, we are sent by God to join God in God’s mission in the world because first we have encountered God, because we have been brought face to face with God’s holiness and our brokenness and because we have been made whole by God’s grace.”

(Rev. Canon Ric Miller)

And now…. (change into collar)

Once again, I wish to thank each and every one of you. Thank you for your time, support, generosity, and love. I look forward to the time we will share together, and in the building up of our community.

“And know without doubt, the grace of God is with you always.”

(Rev. Canon Ric Miller) Have a wonderful day.

Your servant, the now Rev. Will Simon