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For Lent 2023, St. Peter’s will be offering spiritual nourishment and encouragement each Tuesday afternoon, starting at 12:45 pm. Please join us as you are able for a bowl of soup at ‘Souper-Time’ or at 12:45, as we walk together through film. Join us as you are able for a selection of films. They may be movies about divine deliverance that inspire you to hold onto hope. We can enjoy cinema that reflects on his goodness and his sacrifice to save us. We can pray for his strength to help us grow spiritually and become more Christlike. Whatever their focus, they can help you reflect on this Holy Season in new ways.

Join us Tuesday March, 7, 14, 21, 28 & April 4 in the Great Hall as you are able. And remember, the soups on us!!


March 7th, 2023 March 14th, 2023

March 21st, 2023 March 28th, 2023 April 4th, 2023

St. Peter’s Transforming Project

 March 3,   This week the cross that usually graces the north end of the church roof, has been sent away to be repaired and ready for reinstallation.  Also, the scaffolding from inside the church is being dismantled so that the church can be cleaned and set up once again.  Such wonderful progress!

Construction Tour & Update


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