Primate’s Fund & MZUZU

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PWRDF works in partnership with organizations in Canada and throughout the world to support people-centred development that improves the quality of daily life for vulnerable populations, promotes self-reliance, and addresses root causes of poverty and injustice. PWRDF is active in approximately 30 countries, and also accompanies Uprooted People – including victims of disasters, refugees, internally displaced people, and migrant workers. PWRDF partners are drawn from Anglican churches, ecumenical organizations and community-based groups. Partners address the root causes of problems and accompany communities as they move beyond survival into sustainable development.

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St. Peter’s supports projects that provide the feeding, health care, education and poverty reduction of 250 AIDS orphans in the parish of St. Mark’s, Mzuzu, in the Republic of Malawi.



From 1991-1999 the town of Cobourg was ‘twinned’ with the City of Mzuzu in Malawi, Central Africa — one of the world’s poorest regions also beset by starvation and AIDS on a large scale. Arising from that, St. Peter’s became ‘twinned’ with St. Mark’s Anglican church, Mzuzu, and has engaged in on-going exchanges of various types, including contributing towards building a community centre next to St. Mark’s.

When you give, don’t think of it as charity. Think of it as saving a child.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and donation, and for all of your efforts to make this outreach a meaningful and successful mission for our church and our partner-church in Mzuzu.

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