Coming Events

Health & Healing Program

The Health and Healing Ministry team is pleased to offer SHARE, CARE, PRAYER. This will be a time for anyone who is facing serious physical or mental health issues to come together for support and comfort. 

If you have received a frightening health diagnosis you will benefit from coming together with others. Join us at 1 pm in the Chapel every 2nd Thursday each month.  

We hope that you will find peace and hope in the midst of anxiety and fear.  Hope based on the God of all Creation, who gives life true meaning.

Please contact Karen Li, Parish Nurse, at 905 372-3442 for more information.

Youth Chat

We are trying out something new for young members of our congregation at St. Peter’s starting in February.  Young people from the ages of twelve up are invited to participate in a youth-focused chat time within the worship service on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.  We will leave the service just after the Gospel to discuss together the meaning of the day’s Gospel reading together…a sort of “create our own sermon” time.  A small team of parishioners will share the time with them and help keep discussion going.  Then, all will return to the service in time to receive the Eucharist.  Please pass the word around to young people and make sure they are offered this opportunity to experience the worship service in a new way.  The Youth Chat time will start Sunday, February 11th.  Ellen Goodeve, Ann Hares, Suzanne Lawson are happy to discuss this with anyone who is interested.

Men’s Club Monthly Dinner – May 17th

A local Historian and member of St Peter’s, Peter Brotherhood, will be offering a talk to St Peter’s Mens Club on May 17th about the influential role of our Parish in the development of Upper Canada. His talk will highlight the historical parishioners who were members of the dominant Family Compact. The meeting will start at 6:00 pm in the Great Hall. Everyone is welcome. 

Women of Faith – May 26th

The next Women of Faith is on May 26th. We begin the morning with breakfast at 8:45 in the Great Hall & then move into the chapel to hear our guest speaker Kylie Dennis. Kylie will give a presentation on her trip to Africa. Please sign-up by Wednesday, May 23rd by calling the office at 905-372-3442. 

Book Fair

The Book Fair has been postponed from May 2018 until September 2018.   More information will follow.