St. Peter’s Church Welcomes
Elizabeth Vosburgh as Parish Nurse


It brings me immense joy and honour to be welcomed into the St. Peter’s community as your Parish Nurse. In the upcoming months, I am planning some exciting future initiatives and eagerly anticipate supporting you through this new Parish Ministry.

As a Registered Nurse, my commitment is to assist you and your family in various ways:

  • Answer general health questions, offering guidance on making your loved one, dealing with a disabling illness, safer and more comfortable.
  • Clarify treatment plans, helping you establish connections with relevant agencies.
  • Explain post-surgery/procedure instructions when needed.
  • Reinforce self-care procedures through education.
  • Aid in navigating community support agencies for specialized services.
  • Guide you in formulating questions and understanding medical procedures during times of medical care.
  • Arrange spiritual support during transitional phases such as new diagnoses, stress, marriage, divorce, birth, or other challenging times.
  • Work towards understanding and alleviating suffering through education and advocacy, always respecting your privacy.

I’m planning office hours on select Thursday mornings before and after the Healing Service.

If you’d like to meet, please contact Racquel at (905) 372-3442 Ext. 4 in the Church Admin Office, to arrange a time. I’ll return your call, e-mail you, or Racquel will coordinate a suitable meeting time. Please note, all information shared will be maintained in the strictest confidence.

I am planning on being available on the following dates on Thursdays in February and March: February 1, 8, and 15 and March 14 and 28.

Once again, I feel blessed to join the Parish Nurse Ministry and look forward to serving and supporting this wonderful community.

To read Elizabeth’s Bio, please click on the PDF icon below.

Elizabeth Vosburgh Bio