Women of Faith

Women of Faith breakfast meetings were designed to invite women to tell and hear the stories of their Christian journeys. The program was initiated by the Reverend Claire Wade and has been continued after her departure by a planning committee.

Each gathering begins at 8:45 on a Saturday morning with breakfast and conversation in the great hall. After a delicious breakfast we move into the chapel for singing and inspiration in the form of scripture readings, skits, short essays or meditations. This is followed by more singing and our speaker of the day – usually a woman from our own congregation, but occasionally from outside the community. We try to be finished and leaving for home by 11 a.m.

The breakfasts are self financed, with the women giving a free will offering when they arrive. Excess funds over expenses have been donated to other church ministries.

All women of the parish are invited to attend these gatherings and are also encouraged to bring along friends and neighbours.

For more information and the date of the next Women of Faith meeting, please call the church office at 904 372-3442.

Mary and Martha Group

Over the past 50 years the Mary and Martha group of St. Peter’s ladies have catered, cooked and served over 500 dinners for the St. Peter’s Men’s group (Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen and now the Men’s Club or St. Peter’s Men’s Christian Fellowship). They recently retired from this activity and were honoured at a recent Men’s dinner at which they, themselves, were served.

Naomi Group

The Naomi Group conducts an annual Book Fair that has become a major event in the life of the community as well as a significant source of funding for the work of St. Peter’s.