What St Peter’s Caring Teams Do

Our Health and Healing Ministry operates a variety of Caring Teams for parishioners, who could be individuals and/or families. Our goal is to take care of one another by providing assistance with their health needs.

There could be numerous reasons why a Caring Team is formed: illness in a family may require a daily procedure, parishioners need to driven to medical appointments, and sometimes a family member needs some respite.. Some of these needs are ongoing while others are short termed.

When a need arises, our Parish Nurse, Karen Li, is informed and she assembles a schedule for a team of parishioners to follow. Of course, the parishioner who requires assistance must agree with the need for the team. Only Karen and the members of the Caring Team are aware of who requires what assistance; the parishioner’s privacy is paramount. The operation of the Caring Team is highly confidential. Some Caring Teams have as few as one member while others may have four or five couples who assist.

For more information, contact the Parish Nurse, Karen Li through the Parish Office (905) 372-3442.