FaithWorks Supports the Anglican Appeal

Your weekly/monthly/annual gift to FaithWorks supports ministries that reach out to the people who are marginalized, and helps us each fulfil the Mark of Mission “to respond to human need by loving service”. Part of every FaithWorks dollar goes towards the Anglican Appeal, which is the way individuals can support the ministries to the church in the North, the church overseas, and all the other ministries of the national level of the church. Through your donation you have a role in:

  • providing pastoral support to the chaplains of Canada’s Armed Forces
  • providing priests and lay readers in far-flung parishes in the Territories and the Northern parts of provinces
  • speaking Christ’s commitment to others where injustice is seen in both our country and abroad
  • ensuring that the Primate can be present in small towns and large cities, linking the Canadian church together
  • gathering young people together in Canada to build up their commitment to Jesus
  • walking alongside aboriginal Anglicans as they try to address the suicide epidemic in their reserves
  • participating in the worldwide Anglican Communion and sharing service to others in many countries around the world
  • in many more activities that we are called to do as a national church.

Your commitment to FaithWorks and The Anglican Appeal is part of what makes us Anglican. We care about those who are our neighbours, even when we do not know them personally. And we care about being connected with one another for mutual support in our ministries and for a wider sense of God’s people.

Consider increasing your donation to FaithWorks this year…the easiest way is through pre-authorized giving, along with your support of St. Peter’s. Your gift will go far and do much valuable work.